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Malta BNI Mission  Changing the Way the World Does Business®

BNI® is the largest referral marketing organisation in the world. It is our mission to help members build their business by teaching them highly effective referral marketing strategies.

We facilitate a structured, positive and professional word-of-mouth programme that enables our members to build long term, meaningful & profitable relationships with quality business professionals.

We provide our members with the tools & knowledge to successfully network their business, so that they can create on-going business rather than having to wait for referrals to happen by accident.

The Philosophy  Givers Gain®

Our Philosophy is Givers Gain. Based on the old adage of 'What goes around - comes around', we aim to help enough people to get what they want and in return - other people will help me to get what I want.

The Most Important 'Meal' of the Day

          'It's not net-sit or net-eat, it's net-work'

                - Ivan Misner PhD, Founder and Chairman of BNI

The essence of BNI is that although the meeting takes place at breakfast the sole reason for coming is to net-work! Efficiency and timings are maintained because every BNI meeting follows a structured 20 point agenda.

If you attend a BNI meeting in Malta, Cyprus, UK, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, the US or any other the 45 countries we operate in, you will find all meetings follow exactly the same format, using exactly the same agenda. And it works!



170,000 BNI members passed Over 6.6 million referrals generating over 8.6 billion dollars in closed business last year, in 60 countries across the globe...

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